Saturday, 19 January 2019

Chennai: A New Experience!!

This was my first distribution and it was an amazing experience. The day started off with a traditional Indian breakfast in Avadi; it was very different to bacon and eggs but was very tasty. As we were setting up the various stations this young girl came over to see what was going on and wanted to have her picture taken. She was an amazing little girl with a great personality and a big smile that would light up any person’s heart.

My job was to hand out the bedkits. Some kids had travelled over 150 km’s and were so grateful to receive it.

The help from the navy cadets and the boy scouts who were on hand to assist us, was amazing and they went about their jobs with a big smile and really enjoyed helping us out.

It was such an unforgettable experience and to complete our day the Rotarians took us to their hospital which assists people that require special health needs and are less fortunate and cannot afford treatments. What a committed and dedicated group of business men they are.

Truly a Fulfilling day!

Team Chennai 2019
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Friday, 18 January 2019

Kolkata: Cal-South

Today we gave SCAW bedkits to several blind children.  They traveled through the distribution site slowly and silently.  Some children looped arms with a teacher or friend.  Other children were in a line gently holding onto the shoulders of the child in front.  They were all surrounded with love.

Team Kolkata 2019
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Kolkata: City Sites!

A day off to rest up and do a bit of sightseeing. We have completed 5 days of distributions with hundreds of lovely children now enjoying all the bedkit items.

Today we enjoyed a bit of a sleep in ourselves before getting into the van to explore Kolkata from a tourist’s eyes. First up was the wholesale flower market where the fragrance of roses, jasmine, marigold and chrysanthemum filled the air.

Then our superb driver, Bilup, took us to the colonial part of the city, weaving effortlessly along the crowded streets. The Victoria Monument features an imposing statue of the former queen in front of a huge marble structure that she commissioned to rival the splendour of the Taj Mahal. Gardens surround the building which she apparently never visited. We enjoyed the quiet of the spaces and even got a bit of a soaking from the rotating sprinklers. Fun!

A tour of the national museum was the last stop. With the help of a guide, we saw art from the 16th century, fossils that were more than one million years old and the skeleton of an Irish Deer that looked like North American moose. One area had really interesting models of agriculture including rice, cotton, silk, jute, match making and indigo. Lots more to learn on another visit.

Now back at the hotel and a relaxing dinner, we are ready for bed to rest and prepare for tomorrow’s distribution where another 620 children will receive the donors’ gifts.

Team Kolkata 2019
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Kolkata: Contai

We had a wonderful early morning start today. At 6.30 AM we walked to the Bay of Bengal to catch the sunrise. There is a huge sand beach that you could walk on for miles. Our distribution was at Contai where we had the use of a big sports stadium.

Sunrise at Bay of Bengal
The Rotarians had set up a big room to feed the children and a parent a hot meal before the children changed into their new clothes.

Food before distribution at Contai

Food before distribution at Contai
Outside there was a big wash up area with running water.

Washing up after the food
The pictures were taken on an open field with the back drop being a fence decorated with a sheet, balloons and colourful flowers. The bedkit distribution flowed smoothly and 649 children will get a better sleep tonight.

Happy bedkit recipient 

Team Kolkata 2019
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Thursday, 17 January 2019

Chennai: Hard at Work!!

As we await the 10th member of our team from Zimbabwe, we want to share with our donors what happens even before the team arrives in a country! Many, many hours are spent in preparation for the SCAW team’s arrival! And in this case it involves the packing of all the items into a large jute bag. This is done in anticipation of the journey that will enrich the lives of 7000 children in and around the city of Chennai. These pictures clearly show you the dedication and care our OVP’s (Overseas Partners) have for the SCAW project!

Stay tuned as we look forward to seeing the children and their wonderful smiling faces in the next few days!”

Team Chennai 2019
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Kolkata: It Takes a Village!!!

It takes a village of volunteers to host a distribution. Today I looked around  and noted how many different people were needed to make the distribution successful.

A handyman hanging the backdrop curtain for the pictures, young men acting as a human chain to keep the curious parents at bay. A SCAW volunteer entertaining the kiddies while waiting before the distribution, an emergency services guard attending the children.

 There were caregivers, organizers and directors and strong men to load and unload 700 bedkits off the trucks.

There was a sound board technician setting up the microphone for notifying parents to collect their child at the gate, Providers of food for the children, bus drivers, The Rotarians always assisting us, helping translate to allay the concerns of the children, volunteer ticket collectors, assistants to carry the heavy bed kit, and very generous site responders. How blessed we are to always find people young and old stepping in to make this world a better place.

Team Kolkata 2019
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Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Kolkata: The World Outside Distributions!

Our distributions don’t happen in isolation but in the world the children know and live in. 

Street markets of beautiful produce laid out on the sidewalk sacred cows 

busy and noisy traffic 
hand laundry 

free ranging dogs and puppies...many puppies.

Then these children turn up with smiles, mischief and wondrous joy as they receive the large and wonderful bedkits to give them sweet dreams and hopes for tomorrow thanks to all our donors. Bless you every one.

Team Kolkata 2018
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Sunday, 13 January 2019

Kolkata: Joy!!

Today was a successful day for the SCAW team. We completed a 700 kit distribution at the Sudhir Memorial Institute in Kolkata together with the Rotarians and volunteers. The children were wonderful and watching them receive their kits brought us all such joy. Some of the recipients today came from an orphanage and from social services.

We also toured the facility where the bedkits are stored and assembled. The building is close to the Sudhir Memorial Institute and will be completed as a new hospital built by the Rotarians. 

Sometimes bedkit distributions can be dirty work and from time to time we need each other for a cleanup. Teamwork is how all these great things happen.

Team Kolkata 2019
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Saturday, 12 January 2019

Kolkata: First Distribution!!

Today was our first distribution day in Kolkata. It consisted of two distribution sites. Our first site was at the Rotary Centre where we distributed 106 bed kits. The SCAW team had visited the site the day before. The site was rough and much work needed to be done for the distribution. We applaud the Dum Dum Rotarians as they worked through the night preparing the site for the SCAW children. The 106 SCAW children received their bed kits with much jubilation at this distribution site.

The second distribution took place at Kholisakota. This was a new site and 340 SCAW children received their bed kits in this new environment. This sight was special as the team could see the faces of not only the SCAW children but their parents. The smiles and ‘thank yous’ were seen and felt by each team member. A Great Day!

Team Kolkata 2018
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