Monday, 31 March 2014

Philippines: Day 1

Following our predistribution meeting with our overseas partners, we watched as the last few bedkits were assembled (even helping with some!).

We were then completely amazed to see an entire house taken over with bedkits! Room by room, halls, stairs, filled from floor to ceiling with bedkits. That is dedication to Sleeping Children!

We drove through Antipolo and on to our first distribution at a High School, where 350 children eagerly anticipated receiving their bedkit. 

Day one successfully completed!

Team Philippines 2014
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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Philippines: The Team has Arrived!

The Canadian members of Team Philippines 2014 arrived safely in Manila today (Sunday March 30th at 6.30 am
...local time).

Warm weather greeted us, with flowers in bloom, vines loaded with colourful blossoms....and no sign of snow or ice.

Jess Navarro was kind enough to meet the team at the airport, complete with transport that whisked us to our hotel in Quezon City.

Some welcome rest before we start on day one meeting our first group of happy Filipino children on Monday.


Team Philippines 2014
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