Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Sri Lanka: Distributions Day 1 and 2!

At the end of day we have distributed 1600 bed kits to very happy children.  Even the monsoon rains couldn't prevent us from completing the task.

Here are some pictures so far from Thopawewa and Kegalugama.  More to come tomorrow.

Team Sri Lanka 2015
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Monday, 28 September 2015

Sri Lanka: A Brief Message From The Team!

In spite of the monsoon, we reached our first destination and distributed 800 bedkits. All is well. A tired but exhilarated team is off to bed. Hope to  send photos tomorrow.

Team Sri Lanka 2015
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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Sri Lanka: The Team Has Arrived!!

Team Sri Lanka is finally together! 

Chris Webb, Susan Simpson, Elizabeth Mukondiwa, Chris Hills
Front row: Gail Hills, Julie Carney, Linda Webb
Susan flew into Peason from BC.  At the layover in Heathrow, Chris W met up with us.

Chris W. and Susan inspecting the clothing

Elizabeth from Zimbabwe, joined us in Colombo.

Chris H, Gail and Elizabeth checking the quality of the mosquito net.
We think Chris is checking visibility
We received a warm welcome at the airport from Sarath, Ravi and Panni from the Rotary Club of Kelaniya.  We have had a close alliance with this group for many years and are looking forward to many memorable moments as we work together to distribute 4,500 bedkits.

Julie adjusting bedkit setup

Team Sri Lanka 2015

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