Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Philippines: Signing Off!!

After wrapping up distributions a few days ago and having some time to see some sights and rest, we were back on official business today with two factory visits.  We were able to visit the backpack factory and the factory where the mattress, sheet, pillow and shirts were produced.  Both were small cottage industries.  The backpack production took place in a small building and also in the front room of the managers' house. The manager lived in the house rent free.  Two sewing machines were in operation when we visited at the front of the house.  

The mattress production took place in three rooms of a building which also housed several of the workers and their families.   No worries about getting to work on time when you live in the building where you work.  Also a flexible work schedule was available.

Both had hired workers on contract but the workers usually had steady employment as orders were good.  After the big order for our bedkits workers received a bonus and a bit of time off.  Both were paid by piece work and therefore overtime opportunities were welcomed. 

Some of our mattresses were piled up against a wall and these had been rejected due to flaws.  I was pleased to hear that the workers would receive these mattresses.  

There was a fan at each sewing machine and lighting seemed good.  

As this was our last official duty, Team Philippines is signing off.  Homeward bound soon.

Team Philippines 2019
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