Thursday, 23 October 2014

Honduras: What a Feeling!!

This may be the lyrics to a popular song but for all of us today "Oh what a feeling it was!" right up to the 4000th bedkit where we celebrated every day for the feeling of giving back to these children on behalf of the FANTASTIC SCAW donors!

As we head home and reflect on the joys and some days the tears, we are all wondering when we can do this again!

Our upmost sincere thanks to Fidel and the Rotary Club of Tegucigapla for another "job well done!"

Stay tuned to SCAW's next adventure coming soon!


Super 7 Team Honduras 2014❤️

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Honduras: Miguel

During our bedkit distributions, the focus is always on the children.

However, it seems that each individual annual distribution has some very special people who show leadership and go above and beyond.

Our 2014 distribution in Honduras is no exception.

MIGUEL TORRES MILLA is one of those very special people.  He is a "go to" guy and always has a smile.  He leads a team of volunteers supplied by the First Lady's Healthy School Program (Escuelas Saludables).  He speaks English well and interprets when our team is trying to send a message to the children or volunteers. Miguel and his team are with us at every distribution.  We need not worry about having enough bedkits or backpacks to give out (They arrange for packing, and shipping too!).We need not worry about having help taking the children to their parents after their picture is taken and after their bedkits are in their hands.

We say THANKS to Miguel for his skilled leadership and to his team for making our job so much easier.

Today, another 600 bedkits were given out to beautiful Honduran children.  To our donors, "MUCHAS GRACIAS" for giving us the opportunity to help you make a difference in the lives of so many children.
This was out 2nd last day of distribution with 3,400 bedkits delivered to-date.Tomorrow, we will say "THANKS" to our Rotary Hosts and another 600 children will receive a gift of hope, sleep, and joy.

The "Super Seven" 2014 Team Honduras

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Honduras: ENERGY

ENERGY was definitely the word for today!! We handed out 600 bedkits at Lempira School, situated in the very heart of the capital city of Tegucigalpa. We were serenaded by the girls in both Spanish and English, as they waited for their photos. They were so beautiful, wide-eyed, full of joy and most grateful.

As for the boys .... we heard them before we saw them! Loaded with excitement, they bounced off each other. Lots of action and gratitude, as well as hugs and kisses abounded. Once again, we were indebted to the Tegucigalpa Rotary for all their support as well as some government Social Workers who were definitely an asset.

We had the privilege of visiting a sewing co-op in the afternoon, called Alternatives and Oportunities, another project of the Tegucigalpa Rotary. This group made the bedsheets and the pillow cases for all 4000 bedkits in this distribution!!! One local woman, Norma Chaves, has been teaching 12 new students (mostly single moms) each year. They are trained to sew for 6 months. They work there for the remaining 6 months. Upon completion, they will have made enough to purchase their very own sewing machine. They may apply for micro financing outside the co-op. 8 of the 12 sewing machines in this tiny space are peddled, due to the high cost of electricity and in case of hydro outages.

As an aside, several of the women were not at work today. The river near the co-op over flooded
after a huge rainstorm overnight and they were drying out and cleaning up their stalls located nearby.

Kay Mountfourd From the Super Seven 2014 Honduras Team

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Monday, 20 October 2014

Honduras: Videos!

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Honduras: Amusing Waiting Children!

While the children are waiting to receive their gifts we take the opportunity to interact and connect with them. We have found that using puppets, some bilingual flash cards and singing simple songs like "Head and Shoulders" allow us to be kids again and they enjoy seeing a fun side of the team. One of our team members has been a big hit with his magic tricks that include a disappearing red ball that turns into a square. We have all learned to play the kazoo which is somewhat foreign to these children. These fun things make the wait a little more fun. The children are keen to learn English and in turn teach us some Spanish!

Norah Stebner for Team Honduras 2014

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Honduras: It's Hard to Believe ...

That this is the view outside my hotel room,

And yet only a few kms away this is what we see,

Today we had children who travelled over 40 miles on a hot bus to receive their gifts. For those who are not familiar with an actual bedkit, here is a phot of one of my donations for a high school friend's dad who passed away this spring. What a great feeling to know that this needy girl will sleep off the ground and be protected by the mosquito net.

Tomorrow we have a day of rest. One of the Rotarians is taking us to the Basilica for Sunday service and then having us to lunch. They have been absolutely amazing hosts!!

Be sure to check the SCAW page on Facebook and Instagram as well.

Thanks for all your support and stay tuned.

Theresa for Team Honduras 2014
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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Honduras: Parent Interviews!

Today we had the chance to spend some time chatting with family members. This lady - Miriam- was the aunt of 7 year old boy who was receiving a bedkit. His mother, newly diagnosed with breast cancer, was ill and not able to bring him. Rather than miss the opportunity, his aunt brought him to the school. In their house there are 4 adults, 4 children all in 2 rooms. This is the first mosquito net in the home and the smallest children will be sleeping under it. Miriam stated that all items in the bedkit were of great value and a necessity to this family. This gift would allow the family to use some of their earned income for necessary medical care. You can tell by the smile on her face that the family was very appreciative of this gift.

We had the opportunity to visit a house across the street from the school where the distribution was held. The house was at the bottom of a steep and muddy hill -  built into the side of that hill. With careful footing we discovered this single mother who lived with her 3 children in a one room house. We watched as she was preparing the dough to make doughnuts that she would sell in the village. This was her only source of income. With no running water or electricity, she seemed quite content to support her children in the home where she was raised. Needless to say she was extremely grateful for the gift from the SCAW donors.

Karen Steel for Team Honduras 2014

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Friday, 17 October 2014

Honduras: Pictures from St. Brigid's Day

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Honduras: St. Brigid's Day

Today we visited a remote area outside of Tegucigalpa, where we travelled over 25 kms. through the lush countryside. The rain held off until after we left which proved very helpful.

6 schools travelled by bus, trucks, tuc tucs and by walking to receive their bedkits today! Some of the children had been awake since very early in the morning in anticipation of their journey not knowing what lies ahead for them. But soon after they had their pictures taken we were lucky to enjoy their smiles, their hugs and their expressions of appreciation as they received their bedkits.

Because of the generous donations from St. Brigid's School back in Canada, 500 happy children will sleep well tonight and from now on! Way to go St. Brigid's - your support to SCAW made our day so exciting!

Editor's Note: Due to some internet issues, we were unable to get pictures for today's blog.  We will upload pictures as soon as we can.

Genevieve Milot
for Team Honduras 2014

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Honduras: Is This Really For Me???

"Thank you SCAW donors for this gift. I will be able to sleep on a mattress tonight with a bedsheet, a pillow, a pillowcase and maybe the blanket if it gets cold! And tomorrow when I go to school I will be able to use my new backpack, with pencils, pens, an eraser and even a ruler!!! And then when I get home I will change into my new clothes and feel very safe because I now have a mosquito net! I am so happy."

What a wonderful first day we had today in Honduras because of the many children who shared their smiles and thanks with us today!

Theresa Carravetta for Team Honduras 2014
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Honduras 2014: Team Honduras Has Arrived Safely!!

Team Honduras arrived safely in Tegucigalpa with all baggage in hand and the sun shining on the Hounduras capital.

Our hosts and partners, members of The Rotary Club of Tegucigalpa, were on hand at the airport to greet us.
The two teams came together this evening at the Pre-Distribution meeting with Rotary generously hosting dinner for the SCAW Team afterwards.

Our first distribution starts at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning with our team leader, Theresa, leading the way, and we can't wait to see the children!

A GRRRRRRRREAT start to a well organized distribution for 4,000 children!

Team Honduras.
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