Sunday, 28 February 2016

Kenya: The Team is Travelling!

Dennis Baxter, Kim Baxter, Doug Cunningham, Bob Barclay,
 Alison Verkuyl, Darrell Verkuyl, Clarence Deyoung

Team Kenya 2016
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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Belgaum: Final Mission!

Today is one of mixed emotions for our team.
A time of great satisfaction as we completed our mission of distributing 4000 bed kits, the last of which was completed without a hitch today in Hubi. A small  distribution by SCAW standards of only 200 kits.
A time of joy as we saw the delighted children going home with a bundle sometimes bigger than they are of much needed items.
1A time of sadness as this life altering experience will end with a wrap up meeting tonight.
A time of appreciation and respect for our team leader Sue Orr who lead us to success with more obstacles than should have occurred including intermittent reduced numbers to help with the distribution due to illness.
Above all an intimate knowledge of the value of the work that SCAW does with the help of  committed volunteers 
at home and abroad.

Team Belgaum 2016

Monday, 22 February 2016

Hubli - penultimate distribution

Today in Hubli we did our penultimate distribution. We gave out 700 bed kits today and have just 200 to do tomorrow. There was a greater percentage of kids with disabilities at Hubli.  A couple of little kids were quite alarmed by the whole process and were crying for their mothers by the time they got to the photo shoot.  Sue waited until they stopped crying before taking the pictures!
Donna Crossan for
Team Belgaum
Rotarians had special shirts made for Hubli distribution

The kids are seated and waiting patiently to be called to get their bed kits and have their pictures taken.

After taking some kids' pictures, Sue high fived them as they left!  Such energy on Sue's part and such fun for the kids too.


This picture shows pretty clearly how challenging it is to arrange 10 children for a group shot in the order you want them when there is no common language. It's amazing that the pictures look as good as they do.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Belgaum - 800 children!


Yesterday was the largest distribution - 800 bedkits and it was one of the hottest days so far.  Luckily it was in Belgaum so we did not have to travel out of the city.  The children were bused in staggered lots so all 800 did not arrive at once.  The children were fed a meal consisting of a sandwich, banana, juice box, and a piece of chocolate provided by one of the Rotarians who has done this for the last 17 years. 

After we had photographed approximately 250 kids everything ground to a halt as VIP's came to visit- we had the police commissioner from the district, the district deputy governor and even the monk from a  temple we visited last week.  We resumed after an hour or so and at the end of the day we balanced so all was good!
Lita Fearon
for Team Belgaum

 Dignitaries came to visit
Playing with the children while final count  taking place
Photo op
Girls comparing their outfits

The wives of the Rotarians feeding the children

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Ramdurg - 400 more children receive bedkits!

Our distribution of 400 bed kits at Ramdurg went very smoothly.

The site was compact and efficient. Canopies in the schoolyard protected all from the very warm sun. Again the Rotarians greeted us with flowers, this time necklaces of marigolds which were much heavier than one would think.

The children were all quietly waiting for us to arrive . Upon our arrival excitement reigned .

Again the women of the Inner Wheel and the young people in training to be Rotarians were there eagerly assisting. Some kids gathered on the roof of the school to watch the event.

Sue was ready at the camera for picture taking and the team members organized the children for their picture"

Children lined up for their shoes, sweaters, school supplies, raincoat and bed kits.

As they left they had a very full and heavy bag and were extremely happy!

Parents and /or friends often greeted them and assisted in carrying their bags.

Here in India many farm animals run free range. As you can see pigs  were hanging out in the school yard.

This area of the country is a farming area and more green than some other areas we have been to likely due to  irrigation.

On the way back to the hotel we had the opportunity to visit a most impressive World Heritage Site.
Nancy Mongeon
for Team Belgaum

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Day 4 - Gokak. A Perfect Distribution Day!

The four steps to a perfect distribution day:

1.  After a relatively short 1 hour drive, arrive in the village of Gokak and be greeted by 200 eager faces.

2.  Be given the opportunity to take the SCAW photos. No pressure - the sign is visible, the children are facing forward, encourage them to smile and then click. Easy as 1-2-3-4.

3.  Watch your fellow team members meet, greet, count and escort these precious children through the process.  

4.  See the joy in your Team Leader's face as she hands the children the bedkit bag.

 It was a great day!

 Kerry Harman
for Team Belgaum

Kerry revels in her role as photographer!

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Family Day in Harugiri and Ugar

When we arrived in Harugiri about 10:30 this morning, these children were patiently waiting for us--boys on one side shown here and girls on the other. They applauded our arrival and then applauded each of the 27 items in the bed kit as we showed them what they would be getting. Such excitement! 
All in all, a very successful day with 590 bed kits delivered to 590 children through the SCAW family on Family Day in Ontario.

Donna Crossan for Team Belgaum
Boy & Girls waiting.

The mothers of the children were waiting under a separate canopy and were a lovely riot of bright colours in their saris. Very gracious and many smiles of appreciation because of the gifts to their children.

After an exceptionally smooth distribution at Harugiri,  we got back on the bus to go to Ugar to deliver another 300 bed kits.  This colourful picture shows the women who helped deliver the sweaters, raincoats and bed kits there.

These young men worked very hard at the actual distribution of the bed kits. Since many of the smaller children could not lift the kits, these willing volunteers carried a total of 290 bed kits from this area to the exit to be reunited with their parents.


Nipani - 400 bedkits!

The SCAW team is well.  All six were at the Nipani distribution and with the help of the Rotarians and the Inner Wheel made 400 children very happy.