Sunday, 31 May 2015

Uganda: Day 5

Arrived safely at Namaato to a rousing welcome. Ladies were singing and dancing. The children welcomed us with shaking fingers in the air which meant they were sending us flowers.

As we were looking for the perfect photo location, many locals came by to fill their Jerry cans with water from the bore hole.

As the team becomes more comfortable with the different tasks, it has enabled a team member to interview parents and grandparents. Each interview gives us a greater knowledge of the lives of these children. As we travel further east, it is clear that the need becomes even greater.

Thankfully, 495 more children left today with huge smiles and bedkits.

On our way to our next destination, we came across a troop of baboons which entertained us on the highway. Also seen was the Ugandan crested crane which is the national bird and protected by the government.

Team Uganda
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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Uganda: Day 4

Green seemed to be the colour of the day today as our teamed bumped along the roads toward our destination at Igeyero. The "Pearl of Africa" revealed itself through fields of rice, matooke, sweet potatoes, ground nuts, cabbage, avocados, and mangos. The abundance of food in these areas make one wonder why the children we greet are so malnourished.

These beautiful little girls in their new green dresses waited so patiently for their bedkits. A few delays made their wait even longer as we dealt with a child who had been bitten by a snake during the night. Another child with a broken leg needed assistance. They were quickly given their kits and sent for medical attention.

During a short break to reset the photo location, we were able to interview 5 mothers with infants. They were very forthcoming with details of their struggles as mothers in a rural village. Many of the babies were born prematurely and were still very small for their ages. The mothers were thrilled with the small gifts we were able to give them. The smiles say it all.

2000 of 5000 bedkits now successfully delivered.

Team Uganda 2015
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Friday, 29 May 2015

Uganda: Day 3

Today we headed east from Kampala - crossing the Nile River on our way to our third distribution.

Five hundred boys and girls were waiting for us as we entered the school yard at Nawanyago primary school.

Once they had changed into their new clothes they were given a snack before having their photo taken and receiving their bedkit.

The day was sunny and very warm, but while we were still eating lunch the heavens opened and we had a thunderstorm and downpour - so much rain that the school water tanks overflowed!

Another 500 children with happy smiles and a comfy bed to sleep on!

Team Uganda 2015
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Uganda: A Rainy Day

We were all ready for breakfast at 5:15 this morning, and looking forward to another glorious day of making 495 adorable Ugandan children very happy. We were on our way at 6:10 am, picked up the hard-working women of the Inner Wheel of Kampala, then on to Buwama, about 1.5 hours away.
It seemed we were going to win again with another beautiful day, despite the weather prediction of rain. The women were singing, laughing and having a good time on the bus.
About 10 min after we arrived at the distribution site, we saw lightening flash across the darkening sky, followed by a burst of rolling thunder. The clouds seemed to be moving quickly so we thought nothing more of it.
The children and their parents greeted us with loud cheers and shouts. They were so excited to see us.

Soon after welcoming ceremonies, the downpour started. Thankfully the children were already in another building to prepare for the photographs. Parents were squeezing between building posts and under overhangs for shelter.

Unfortunately, the photographs had to be taken indoors. 
The children were patiently waiting as we set up the display and proceeded with the distribution at 11:45 am. The rain stopped, the clouds cleared so the children received their bedkits outdoors.
The process continued smoothly so were finished by 1:35 pm. The children were excited to be on their way home with their gifts from Canada! Thank you, donors.

Grace Wood
For Team Uganda 2015.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Uganda: Day 1!!

This was the first distribution day ever for two members of the SCAW team and it was a huge success.  Bedkits were given to 495 very happy and excited children while their extremely grateful parents waited close by.
What stood out for us in particular was the enormous amount of organization put in by the Ladies Of The Inner Wheel of Kampala and other volunteers. Upon arriving in Kapeeka, we found that 495 mattresses had been rolled, tied and delivered. The other bed kit items were in bags placed inside the washbasins. This major feat would have taken hours and hours of hard work before we even arrived.

The Ladies organizational skills are to be greatly admired. 495 children were dressed in their new school uniforms and placed in lines for the upcoming photo session.

While the smiles were being captured, more volunteers spent hours bending and lifting bedkits for us to present to the children. They responded with huge smiles, curtsies and genuine thank-yous.

While the other children patiently waited for their bedkits, they were led in song by the Ladies of the Inner Wheel.

What an AMAZING day for all involved.

Diane Barrick for Team Uganda 2015
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Uganda: Busy Day!!

Team Uganda had a very busy day today.  First on the agenda was an organizational meeting with our  Overseas Partners, the Ladies of the Inner Wheel of Kampala.   We found out a great deal about our days ahead.  After just a short time together we already feel like one team with a common passion.  

As you see in this photo we are celebrating the Power of Women. 

After our meeting we toured some factories where our bedkit items had been manufactured.  Here are some pictures taken at the uniform factory.  These lovely ladies gave us a big smile. 

Team Uganda 2015

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Uganda: The Team Has Arrived!

You can tell from our big smiles that Team Uganda is ecstatic to be in Uganda! 

We arrived earlier today to find 5 Ladies of The Inner Wheel at the airport  to welcome us. After only 19 hours in the air and a 12 hour lay-over, we are energized and ready to go. Tomorrow's plan involves a Breakfast Meeting with our overseas partners and some factory tours. Stay tuned for more details. 
Team Uganda 2015
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