Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Honduras: Mission Accomplished

Our work is done.

The final distribution of 476 bedkits was done in the rural community of Rio Hondo. It was a significant venue for us as we had the opportunity to visit the home of one of last year's bedkit recipients.
From Honduras 2011

It was a wonder to find that the home, which barely seemed to have weathered the extremes of the hurricane season last year, was still standing as Honduras has once again been hit with severe storms in the last month. We were graciously received in the home that provides minimal space and light for the family. When asked, the young girl replied without hesitation, that the best part of the bedkit was the mattress for now she no longer had to sleep on the hardened dirt floor. We have heard so many similar stories of the value of the bedkit.

Each of you who have donated to SCAW has made a profound difference to a child and our team has also been rewarded with the beautiful, happy smiles of 5,000 children. We have touched each other's lives, shared moments never to be forgotten.

From Honduras 2011

This last day has been one of celebration as our work has been completed. But it has also been a somewhat melancholy one, knowing that many more children could use our assistance. It was also sad to say goodbye to all our daily volunteers, the Rotarians and their wives and all those who have contibuted to our successful venture.

The gracious hospitality of our Overseas Partners, the Rotary Club of Tegucigalpa, overwhelmed us with a final banquet in the evening and a plea to ensure that we return again next year. Their commitment to improve children's lives extended beyond the borders of Honduras as they gave SCAW a surprise donation for bedkits. Their sense of duty to assist all children reinforces the passion and dream that drove Murray Dryden to found Sleeping Children Around the World.

Including the 5,000 bedkits delivered
in Honduras this year, our total is
now 1,189,130 bedkits since
Sleeping Children began in 1970.

Muy gusto Honduras.

Irene Harrison
for the Honduras 2011 Travelling Team

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