Friday, 5 June 2009

Uganda: 6,000 Bedkits delivered

6,000 bedkits delivered!!!

We're back from the hills of western Uganda where 6,000 children are now sleeping under mosquito nets, getting healthy and ready for a new day of learning.

We had many, many moments of joy with the children and the communities with which we were working. These photos show some of our experiences from the past week.

Debbie Will-Dryden for the Uganda team

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Monday, 1 June 2009

Uganda: The survey

We went to two locations today, each with five hundred bedkits: the towns of Rukiga and Kabale. The day began with a group of village women dancing, singing, clapping, and drumming to show us their appreciation.

Under the hot sun, in a pasture field, I lead the children in fun actions to keep them occupied until the distribution started.

Surveys are a very important part of distributions in order to provide the most useful bedkit for the designated area. When a local translator was available, two of us started the surveys. We asked the questions to father, mothers, grandparents, boys and girls like:
  • What do you like best in the bedkit?
  • What was the most useful / least useful item?
  • Do you have a mosquito net at home already?
  • What colour do you prefer the net to be?
  • What might they suggest be added to the bedkit?
  • How long do they hope their child will go to school?

Shirley Aerts for the Uganda team

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