Sunday, 28 May 2017

Uganda: A Hot But Great Day!

Today was a very hot day, but it was balanced out by the amazing reception we received as we arrived to our site.  The women greeted us with dancing and singing in their colourful clothing, while the children sang joyful African songs.  It was so great to see how the children naturally switched places to lead the rest of the school in the songs.  One would sing and the rest of the children would respond in song and dance.  

Today we saw a few more children who were suffering from malaria.  They were very weak as they sat for their photos.  Many of the children smile for their photo but it is clear that it can be difficult to smile when you are sick, hungry and tired.

Agatha's family provided us with a delicious lunch today at their home.  What an honour to spend some time with her family and meet her 103 year old father!

Now this evening we are preparing for two distributions tomorrow.  We will give out 1000 bedkits!

P.S. Check out our video from earlier this week. Click here for blog!

Team Uganda 2017
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Uganda: Memories Being Made!

Everyone was very excited today as we woke up in a new location. We had a fantastic breakfast buffet awaiting us down in the lobby as we prepared ourselves for another amazing day. The drive was short and as usual every minute worth it. Warm waves and big smiles always coming from the door steps and yards of the children and families as we make our way. We again were greeted with such a warm reception and songs of joy that only being here can you truly appreciate the beauty of such happiness and graciousness. The people have to see us when we enter the bedkit site. Another day that brings such joy to all the children. Nothing can beat that smile and the look in their eyes when they are walking towards you, to receive their kit. As they approach me, I give them the biggest heartfelt high five that I have ever given! Hoping that this memory will last forever for them, as it will for me. 

Ty Gauthier for Team Uganda 2017
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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Uganda: Our Fourth Distribution!

Today marked our 4th distribution and a long travel day. Hitting the road at 6am, we traveled four hours to the village of Bwoko. Even though it was quite the drive, it was very rewarding and emotional. The women of the village greeted us with a beautiful traditional song and dance, that is native to the area. It was simply amazing to see! 

The greeting just ensured us of the work we are doing here in Uganda and how much it means to each and every individual. The children could not stop smiling and the parents dancing. 

I had the privilege of completing a few surveys with some of the parents and children who received a bedkit today. During this process, a reoccurring theme was present. The bedkits were everything and more; we weren't just giving a gift to this one child. It was a gift to the entire family, sometimes as large as 17 family members. 

I'm so thankful to be apart of this experience and with such a great group of Inner Wheel ladies. Their passion for the children, to ensure they become something more than the situation they were born into is exactly the type of people we want to work with. This is what makes the difference. 

Sheyndl Gauthier for Team Uganda 2017
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Friday, 26 May 2017

Uganda: Gimbo

Today, day 3 of our distributions, we headed to Gimbo, just 25 km from Kampala.  Travelling to the destination of the day brings new sights and sounds of the beautiful Ugandan countryside.  Lush green hillsides with maze, matoke, and root crops, to name a few.  Today we were challenged with very narrow, and dusty rut filled roads we had not encountered on prior days.  Thankfully our driver Hussan delivered us safe and sound.  

Driving into a location for the distribution is one of my favourite parts of the day, and a sight to behold.  Mattresses and bed kits piled high, children and their families lining the road in greeting and excitement of what's to come.   All are dressed in their Sunday best and singing in celebration.  It's hard not to get a little emotional each time.

Theresa Cheverie​​​​ for Team Uganda 2017
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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Uganda: Muduma

Today was a beautiful day in Muduma, Uganda about 50 K from Kampala. We enjoyed our ride out with the amazing ladies of The Inner Wheel led by Harriet, and of course our SCAW Team. The local Church provided a wonderful setting for our distribution of 500 Bedkits to local children. The team was able to entertain them with bubbles and photography of the children and their families. The children looked great in their outfits and the distribution went very smoothly and in a timely fashion. The other volunteers there were a tremendous help in making things go very smoothly. Thanks very much to all involved.

Debbie Stelzer for Team Uganda 2017
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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Uganda: Our First Distribution!!

Today was Team Uganda's first distribution.  We visited the village of Bulo where we were greeted with songs, applause, and many many thanks from the local priest.  We started out well, laying out the sample bedkit and getting all the children into their new outfits. They were entertained with  beachball soccer and lots of bubbles.  Then, the rain came down - in buckets! After a short delay we were on our way, and by the end of two hours , 500 children had their new bedkits.  The team pulled together beautifully, and our three "newbies" did a fantastic job.

Debbie Stelzer Team Uganda 2017
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Monday, 22 May 2017

Uganda: Working Hard!

​We began our first day in Uganda meeting 30 members of the Inner Wheel club.  It was an honour to be a part of such excitement!  All the women are so committed to making sure the Ugandan SCAW distribution is successful.  

Lois and Suzanne were reacquainted with friends they met on their past distributions to Uganda while the rest of the team were creating new friendships.  

After the meeting we all travelled to see the factory where the mattresses for the bedkits are made.  The staff worked very hard and long hours to ensure the order of 5500 mattress were ready for today. 


We  are all pretty excited to meet the first children to receive their bedkits tomorrow!  

Team Uganda 2017
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