Monday, 30 June 2014

Sri Lanka: The Team is Ready to Go!

Team Members are from Left to Right: Shelley Herder, Katie Sandiford, Bill Weldon, Karen Scott and Clarence DeYoung

Team Sri Lanka 2014
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Monday, 2 June 2014

Uganda: A day in the life of a SCAW Volunteer

Team Uganda 2014
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Uganda: Our Last Distribution!

After a 3.5 hr drive at 8am after a good nights rest we entered the distribution area to a reception of dancing & singing.Once again it was a great welcome from the parents.

The children were dressed in advance as we arrived around noon & also gave us a warm welcome of singing with the Inner Wheel ladies leading.

Beth & Jan chose a good area to set up whilst the remainder of the team had other chores & we began with no delay after a short talk to both parents & kids.

Many volunteers assisted & we proceeded to distribute to happy smiling faces.

Upon completion we took a photo of all our team with the last child & packed up to head to a beautiful location for a beautiful lunch.

The home was a residence of one of the Inner Wheel ladies & the view from the porch was mind boggling, with palm trees & hills in the background. Lunch as usual was delicious with the addition of spaghetti and cheese sauce.

In the distance we could see the children who had walked for 2 to 3 hours on their way to their home.

We left around 5-30 heading back towards Kampala driving in the dark barely seeing the bicyclists on the road.

Fred our driver once again got us back to the hotel safely where we wait for our snack of vegetable Somosa. 

Team Uganda 2014
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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Uganda: In the Mountains!

Team Uganda is now high in the mountains enjoying the incredible scenery. Yesterday we travelled 4 hours on roads that resembled a Roller Coaster until we reached a small village. Our site was the local public school with a population of 900 children. Of these, 210 are orphans and live with other relatives. The needs here were obvious when we met the children and their ecstatic smiles upon receiving the bed kit are testimony to the difference that SCAW is making. We later visited the home of a bed kit recipient. The 6 children and 2 grandparents who live in the humble but very clean shack far up a steep and windy path allowed us to tour the 2 bedrooms and kitchen that makeup the home. These children, as most others in the area eat only 2 simple meals a day. Life is hard in the hills and there is little money for school supplies that are so important. We then began the 4 hour drive back down the mountain and arrived back for dinner and bed.
It is now 7am and  we are on the road again into the mountains to another distribution.

Ps - pictures to follow when Internet access improves

Team Uganda 2014
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