Friday, 5 June 2015

Uganda: The Finale!

Today we journeyed to Nabwigulu where we were again greeted by the children and parents. This time they flanked the road in two straight lines all dressed in their new uniforms and singing as we drove up the long roadway to the distribution site. We felt like royalty. 

Once again we were challenged by rain but completed the distribution successfully. We celebrated our 5000th bedkit with a group photo. Long after our departure from the site we could still remember the sweet voices of the children as they sang this song.

Welcome  our  visitors
We are happy to receive you
So glad
We shall never  
We shall never ever forget you

Goodbye Uganda …..over and out …
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Uganda: Day 9!

Today, Martyrs Day, we had the luxury of sleeping in, meeting for breakfast at 7:30 and then we were on our way around 8:30 am  to Mirikiti distribution site, in Tororo. It was a holiday in Uganda, so we saw many families, including small children, working the fields as we drove through the countryside. Other children were hanging out with their parents and friends at the marketplace.

Among the recipients today, we distributed bedkits to two special groups of children. The first was a group of 50 children who were orphaned as a result of mudslides in Uganda. They lived with kind families during the week and on Saturdays they met at a recreation centre for arts, crafts and other activities. The second was a group of 10 children from an orphanage. They waited patiently for hours before receiving theirs gifts.

          4,500 bedkits distributed!
We felt proud, just like the free range turkeys we saw at a home where we were treated to a delicious well-balanced Ugandan meal.

Team Uganda 2015
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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Uganda: Day 8

Today was beautiful with sun, some cloud cover with occasional breezes. Parents and children were delighted to see us when we arrived at Lumino.

The children seemed to be happy and healthy.

We were challenged by the unusual group numbers to be arranged for the photos. There were groups of 42, 38, 34, 28, and 17. Everyone helped and the distribution went smoothly.
We were so sorry we did not have bedkits for every child.

4000 bedkits distributed!

From Team Uganda 2015.
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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Uganda: Day 7

After a two hour drive down some bumpy dirt roads we arrived at our distribution site, Sanyonga.  Once again we were greeted by a large group of parents as we got off the bus, all wanting to give us hugs.  Their enthusiasm was overwhelming. 

The children were getting changed into their new clothes and were gathered under a canopy.  We enjoyed their beautiful singing. 

As with every day the skies were threatening rain.  We had been fortunate in that most days we were able to complete our distribution before the rain started and this was our expectation.  Unfortunately this was not to be the case today.  We were about two thirds of the way through when it started to drizzle.  It became heavier and heavier.  Luckily we had the canopy where the children had been gathered and were able to move the bedkit underneath and finish our pictures.  At the end of the day we were soaking wet but happy as were the 495 children who had received bedkits this day.

Team Uganda 2015
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Monday, 1 June 2015

Uganda: Day 6!

Today we began our day with a short 1 hour drive to the distribution site . We were greeted by a huge group of ladies who demonstrated their traditional dances and singing while hugging and thanking us profusely. Being a Sunday, this was our biggest welcome yet with everyone  in their best clothing (some even borrowed for the occasion).

After another successful distribution to 500 children we were treated to a wonderful lunch at the family home of one of the Members of the Inner Wheel of Kampala. Because SCAW is celebrating their 45th anniversary, the ladies felt that this should be a special feast for us – and it was!!

 Local specialties such as beef , matoke, rice, potatoes, chicken , peanut sauce, plantain, greens, oranges, pineapple were followed by an enormous  delicious cake. As we rested in the shade at this beautiful spot we reflected on the happy children and their incredibly grateful parents. Not only will 500 children sleep better tonight, their families have also received the gift of knowing that someone in another country cares about them!

Team Uganda 2015
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