Sunday, 28 May 2017

Uganda: Memories Being Made!

Everyone was very excited today as we woke up in a new location. We had a fantastic breakfast buffet awaiting us down in the lobby as we prepared ourselves for another amazing day. The drive was short and as usual every minute worth it. Warm waves and big smiles always coming from the door steps and yards of the children and families as we make our way. We again were greeted with such a warm reception and songs of joy that only being here can you truly appreciate the beauty of such happiness and graciousness. The people have to see us when we enter the bedkit site. Another day that brings such joy to all the children. Nothing can beat that smile and the look in their eyes when they are walking towards you, to receive their kit. As they approach me, I give them the biggest heartfelt high five that I have ever given! Hoping that this memory will last forever for them, as it will for me. 

Ty Gauthier for Team Uganda 2017
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