Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Tanzania: Under the Mango Tree

Today we travelled to the Kibada Primary School, about 45 minutes south of Dar es Salaam.  It being Day Four, the SCAW Team plus our Overseas Volunteer Partner worked closely together, like a well-oiled machine, to set up the first group photo to 142 children made possible by one generous donor by capturing all these eager children in one picture.

As you can imagine, it can be a challenge to organize all these children in one group all facing the same way at one time.  However, the children were so well behaved and cooperative that it was a lot of fun to get them ready for the shot.  The result is below.

When the contents of the bedkits were explained to the parents, they all cheered and clapped in appreciation for all the items that their children were about to receive in the bedkit.  For the remainder of the 448 bedkits that were left to distribute, we were able to use a magnificent mango tree for shade with the one of the school classrooms as backdrop.  This mango tree had a plethora of roots emanating from the trunk above the ground in a circle that supported this tree in all its glory.

It was a lot of fun to distract the children with bubbles, action songs and cheers.  The children really responded well and helped to bring out their beautiful smiles as you can see from some of the pictures.

In all, another 600 bedkits went home with families that fully appreciated them and will put them to good use starting tonight.  The mosquito net and mattress were the most popular items in the bedkit as the children would be more protected from the malaria mosquito carriers.  It is a wonderful sight to see the families heading home in the distance with their colourful mattresses on their heads and their backpacks on their back which will help them face the challenges of everyday living.

Carol Diening for SCAW Tanzania Team 2017B member
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