Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Sri Lanka: Post Your Comments Here

Please add your name to the end of your comment(s) as a courtesy to our travelling team members.


  1. Seven smiling people on their way to do good. Enjoy - our every best wish for a safe, smooth and thoroughly enjoyable distribution
    Pat and Brian

  2. Team Sri Lanka
    Wonderful pictures keep them coming,
    Dave Morgan

  3. It's great to see the pictures and follow your team as you progress though each step of your journey.
    Barb and Dick

  4. What is Julia holding in the picture?

  5. Lori and Julia - cheering you on during your trip. Pictures look amazing!
    Jeff McDougall

  6. Marion Reichert16 July 2018 at 14:56

    This my 3rd post, hope it goes through, I don't see the first 2.
    I love being able to follow your adventures.

  7. Dear SCAW and Rotary teams,

    So happy to see you in action!!
    Following you closely. Wish I were there.

    Best to all.
    Linda W

  8. The world might be a better place if more young people from "advantaged countries" could help with a SCAW distribution. Thanks for this message from a Canadian teen.

  9. Gad to see and hear that you are well on your way to enriching the lives of many more children thanks to the SACW donors! Thanks for sharing your journey!

    Theresa Carravetta

  10. Thanks SCAW team led by Karen

    It was yet another SCAW distribution succesfully came to an end. Thank you all for resources and time you spent with Sri lankan Children. Words are not adequate to elaborate what you are kept doing to Children here. Hopefully we will meet again in a such encounter.
    On behalf of Rotary club of Kelaniya