Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Sri Lanka 2019 -- Post your comments here:

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Clarence said...

Hi Team Sri Lanka. What a good looking group. I have had the privilege of travelling with all of you except Carol and Karen---maybe someday. Enjoy the children. Eileen and Lloyd GREAT to see you on another trip.

SCAW Blog said...

Hi Team ... so happy to hear you are safe and sound in Colombo.
Now the fun begins. Enjoy the children. Best to you and all our Rotary friends.

Karen Scott said...

Hi Team Sri Lanka - Your photo brings back so many wonderful memories of July 2014 with Clarence and the rest of the team and our outstanding Rotary partners. Best wishes for the distribution!
Warmest regards,
Karen Scott

Anonymous said...

Well done, keep up the good work team. Looking forward to seeing the progress reports and the smiling kids.
Dave Conners

Pam said...

Hi Eileen and Lloyd,
You and your team look rested and ready for action! Enjoy every minute with the children.
Pam Vokey

Unknown said...

What lovely photos of your first day of "work". The children look fabulous in their new outfits - look how happy they are! The shoes will make such a difference for them.

Please keep posting photos so we can see what you're up to. And include some of the Canadian volunteers too!

Have fun!
From the Roper Family (Carol and Ted's friends)

Dave Morgan said...

Team Sri Lanka
Congratulations on Day 1. Wishing you all good days ahead.
Dave Morgan

Anonymous said...

Love your blogs Team Sri Lanka. The children are so lucky to have you there! Continue to enjoy your journey!

Theresa Carravetta

Anonymous said...

Greetings Sri Lanka Team 2019
Your blogs are bringing back many good memories of the Sri Lankan partners and the lovely children of Sri Lanka and my good times there. Keep the blogs coming and enjoying your time there.
Warm regards
Laura Harper

ROAN said...

Hello Team Sri Lanka,

Your blogs are bringing back great memories of our time in Sri Lanka. Keep safe and keep up the great work.

Joan and Richard Hryniw

Nancy Roper said...

What a LOVELY photo journal. Thank you so much for posting SO MANY photos so we can see what you are doing. Thanks especially for including the volunteers too! Keep them coming! Have fun and be safe!

The Roper Family (Carol and Ted's friends)

Pam said...

Just showed my co-workers the amazing pictures!
Loved seeing the puppets and the smiles.
Great work you are doing.
Pam Vokey

Anonymous said...

Hi Ted, Karen, and others,
Great to see that you made it OK. Pictures are so good.
Wish I was there with you. Cheering you on!
Jeff McDougall

Nancy Roper said...

WOW! That is a TON of bedkits in the pile waiting for the distribution. It must be daunting to wonder if you'll have the energy to get them all handed out. Congrats on your good work.

The Roper Family (Ted and Carol's friends)

Pam said...

Looks like an amazing trip! You were all so well received by kids, parents and teachers. Safe Travels home
Pam Vokey