Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Uganda: Kasawo

This morning we left Jinja after two nights on our way to Kasawo for our fourth distribution.  We had about a 90 minute drive and of course, the last half got a little bumpy and dusty.   We hardly noticed the drive and the bumps since we were treated to the singing talents of our Inner Wheel ladies!  It was so inspiring we couldn’t help but join in.

On our way we saw the typical Ugandan home.  This is where  many of the children that received a bedkit live.  Before the distribution we had an opportunity to meet and interact with the children before they were ready for their pictures.   The Team was able to spend some memorable time laughing and taking pictures with the very excited children.  Today they were clapping and singing while they waited to receive their bedkit.   As they were shown what they were going to receive today, the cheers were especially loud for the school books and math set.   We are finding that this is the most popular item to show them before the distribution.  

As Pat lined the children up for their pictures, I was ready and waiting to hand them their mattress and the rest of the bedkit.  They were so excited when they finally reached the time of day when they could hold their bedkit and proudly carry it to their parents.  It was such a privilege to watch them show their family what they had received.  

As the distribution ended and the Team was loading the bus for the bumpy ride back to the home base in Kampala, we again had the opportunity to interact with the children as they preparing to leave for their long trip home to their families.  We had a great time with one of the last trucks loading the children and families (and all the bedkits) into a very small space.  It was interesting to watch as they used every available space to make sure that everyone had a place.   The Team had a lot of fun with the very relaxed and talkative children who had received a bedkit.   The weather cooperated and we all had an awesome day.

Pat and Joan for Team Uganda 2013
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