Monday, 17 April 2017

Togo: Along The Way We Saw?

Along the way to our distribution today in Bedjeme we saw many gardens. A couple of examples of what we saw planted were yams, and cotton.

Along the way we encountered a Togolese pothole which was large even by Canadian standards. It took up half the road! Our driver skillfully maneuvered over it and brought us to our destination.

At the site we were greeted by the locals playing percussion instruments to a Togolese beat leading us to the waiting, cheering children.  The children sang their anthem and we sang ours.

Towards the end of the distribution, one of the girls waiting to get her picture taken became ill.  We found out she was in the early stages of malaria. Fortunately she was able to get her kit.  Given that this is an area of high incidence of malaria, the mosquito nets in the SCAW kits will be especially valuable.

Team Togo 2017
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