Wednesday, 6 November 2019

South Africa 2019: Reaching children in need

Today we did two distributions, one in the morning at a school, and the second one in the afternoon at a unique location. At the school, we gave out 220 bedkits to deserving children, and were then treated to a delicious lunch.

Our second distribution was about two hours away at a farm called Philadelphia Ark. This is a charitable non-profit company which provides shelter and food and a working environment for destitute people who have suffered some type of trauma in their life. Families who live here are given a chance to regroup, receive counselling, and try to resume a productive life. Most leave in a year or less. There are over 500 people living here at this settlement, and 120 are children of all ages.

We felt that at both of these venues, the need was great. Another successful distribution!

Suzanne Andrew
Team South Africa 2019

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