Tuesday, 5 November 2019

South Africa 2019: Second day of distributions - rewarded with smiles

Today we enjoyed another beautiful weather day in the Johannesburg area. SCAW's OVP's, Shirley and Rufus, drove us to the distribution site. A typical school day here begins at 7:30 am with breakfast being served to the children. When we arrived, the children were already dressed in their new clothes and anxiously awaiting our arrival. You could tell by their smiles that they were thrilled with their new clothes.

The principal had excellent rapport with both teachers and students alike, and was obviously well respected. The belief at this school was that a well-fed child will achieve better academic results. They are fortunate that because of the high needs in this community, they have the support of NGO's and other volunteers. They give the children breakfast, snack and lunch every day, which for some children may be their only food each week. The gift of a bedkit will benefit each of these well deserving children. 

Anne Andrew. 
Team South Africa 2019

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Jan G said...

Way to go team South Africa. Your pictures really tell the story. What beautiful children.