Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Mumbai: Day 2 — 230 Bedkits

From Mumbai 2009 Photo Album
Today we visited schools in Andheri and West Coast Mumbai to distribute 230 bed kits. The drive took one hour and a half due to dense traffic which was an adventure in itself. Cars, people, and animals coming at us in various directions that made driving a challenge.

The children were eagerly waiting upon our arrival with smiles from ear to ear. The girls were dressed in brightly colored polka-dot dresses and the boys in shorts and golf shirts. The children were very excited to see their bedkits and laboriously dragged them away.

Our Hindi is slowly improving with each distribution.

One of the distributions was in a more rural area of Mumbai with a long stretch of road leading up to the school. A Rotary Club member mentioned that the road closed each night after midnight due to the fact that wildlife such as tigers roam the area.

From Mumbai 2009 Photo Album
The teachers open the school early each morning so that when the children walk down this road they know that it is safe to do so. At the end of the distribution a Rotary member invited us home for a wonderful lunch, The scenery was spectacular. We enjoyed coconut water and fruit before leaving.

More to come ...

The Mumbai 2009 Team

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