Monday, 2 February 2009

Mumbai: Post your comments here

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  1. Hello. This is Lisa's husband and sons. It was fun tracking your flights online via the airports. I even got an alert on my phone when you landed in Mumbai! We look forward to seeing your work through blogs and pictures.

    From 4 feet of snow... The Remillards

  2. Hi Grace - wonderful to see your pictures and know that you have arrived in Mumbai! Wishing your team a successful and safe distribution.It's exciting to be able to "travel" with you online!
    Hi Mrs Grace! Hope you are well. Thinking of you! Amazing amount of things in the bedkit!

  3. Hello Mumbai Team,

    Very thankful to see everyone arrived safely. Have you caught up on sleep yet? Enjoy all that the distribution has to offer and the amazing people and country of India.

    For the Children,

    Joan and Richard

  4. Hello team - I will follow your blogs with interest hoping to recognize some of the locations from my SCAW trips in 2003 and 2005. Please give my regards to Raj and the rest of the wonderful Rotarians, Rotary Anns and Rotaract teams.
    Cheers, Sally Jo Martin

  5. Hello to Lynette and to Wally II!

    Lynette, great to see you smiling in the team photo.I am so happy that you are there.

    The children are gorgeous, whether smiling or shy, and I know Wally has the right kind of silliness for all of them.

    Every child will remember such a special day.Some of them are just glowing from the inside out as they hug their bedkit. These pictures have made my day.

    And there is such beautiful colour...., especially in the women's dress.

    Cheers! LeeAnn

  6. Doug, Lynette & Team: Great to see that you have arrived safely, begun your work and that your blogs have been posted. (Doug, I knew you could do it!) The smiling faces of the children warm my heart on a very cold day here in Ontario.

    Have a blessed distribution

    Sally Sandiford (SCAW Office Volunteer & the voice on the telephone last Friday!)

  7. Cheers Lynette and Team
    Glad to see you and the children smiling. Have a wonderful time and blessings on your efforts.

  8. Doug, Lynette and Team,
    Best wishes and with 2007 memories of Mumbai for your distribution. Give my best to Raj and tell him I still like food "spicy"...he taught us well.
    Doug MacDougald

  9. Hey there Lisa girl!

    John is faithfully keeping us posted and we even caught a glimpse of you smiling in one of the pictures. The kids must love you! What a wonderful cause team! Where do we sign up?

    Cathy Yves, & the boys

  10. Hi Grace,

    I'm glad that you're all safe and that things are going well. You're team is doing a great work. Have a wonderful adventure. You are in our thoughts.

    Bruce O.

  11. Hi Sarah - I hope you are having a great, safe trip. I'm excited to see some new pictures! Thinking about you every day and can't wait for your safe return! I'll miss you on Valentine's Day but I'll be thinking of you.

    Love Justin

  12. Hi Doug &Team Mumbai,
    I am following your reports every day with great interest & lots of wonderful memories.
    It must be very special for all of you,especially,Doug to be in Mumbai this year.
    Keep those kids smiling & stay safe.
    Judy Snobelen

  13. Vicky & John Croft8 February 2009 at 09:07

    Hey Lisa!! Oh my goodness...I was so excited to read about your adventure, and then to see your smiling face amongst the crowd of children. I am so happy for you, your group and the children you are making such a difference for! God bless..and come home safely. xo Vicky, John, Andraya & Dakoda Croft - in Michigan!

  14. Hi Mommy. We miss you. Hope you are having fun. Enjoy the trip. We cant wait until you come back. Love Connor and Troy.

  15. Hi Sarah,
    Hope the message gets through this time. I really enjoy your phone calls and it is amazing how close you sound. Best wishes to the whole team and look forward to hearing more about this adventure and seeing pictures when you get home.
    Love You

  16. Hi Thom: Don't seem to be able to get these messages to you but most interested in what you are up to. So sorry I couldn't make it this year but D.V. next year for sure. Hariett is never home but guess she is doing OK and has been in touch. Off to TO for the weekend to look after the corkys so hope we have a happy Valentine/Family Day weekend. Lots of love, Maj

  17. Hi Tom,
    Great to read the reports about what the team is up to. We'll keep Grannie and the other Leons up to date and look forward to hearing more and seeing your photos on your return. It's a snow day here (freezing rain)so very different from your locale.
    Take care,
    Maxine and Red

  18. Hi Lynette!
    Glad to see the distribution is going well. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of you and what you've been up to. Everything here at Rumsey is great, besides the fact that we miss you. Enjoy the heat in India. Saw Slum-Dog Millionaire last weekend and thought of you and how much your work is needed there in Mumbai. Take care!

  19. Huw and Judy said
    Hi Kathy and Andy
    Been keeping up with you all, looks like you are
    having a great time and helping children out who
    need help. You all looked great in your Indian
    attire, Andy looks like he ownes the place, well
    have a grand time, we will talk to you on your return.
    Take care love you all Huw and Judy