Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Bangladesh: Post your comments here

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Nitin said...

Best of Luck, George.

Anonymous said...

Hurrah for the 2 Bangladesh teams - Canadian and Dhaka Rotarians. You will make a huge difference in the lives of the bedkit recipients as well as making memories yourselves.

Regards to Rowli and Gulru from Sally Jo, Bangladesh team 2011

Anonymous said...

Have a great distribution and a terrific time!
Else and Michael

Doug MacDougald said...

Mike, George, Masud, Khaliq, Rowly and all the team,
Best wishes to the Rotary and Sleeping Children team as you start this year's distribution. You will have another exciting and challenging trip as you travel to the different area's of Bangladesh. I am missing Bangladesh!!

Patti Foster, Brantford said...

Dear Michael, George and team Bangladesh 2012,
Safe travels as you begin your distributions. We are watching for your updates, as you bring happiness and a good night's sleep to 6000 children. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Thanks MIke for the photos of the warehouse workers. I think some of the men were our helpers last year and did so much to ensure the success of the distribution.

Looking forward to lots of photos. Cheers to all - Sally Jo

Anonymous said...

Hi Grandpa
We like seeing and hearing about what you are doing. We love you. Nikolaos and Georgie
p.s. Did you take pictures of any bugs?

Linda and Ron Roswell said...

hi Mike, George and Team Bangladesh. Fabulous pictures of your first distribution. Beautiful children!!!! Loved the colourful clothing and Flowers around the Team's neck. Looking soooo forward to future pictures. Sounds like the weather is wonderful. Good Luck to all and Safe travel!

Linda Webb said...

Hello Team Bangladesh and Rotary Friends,

I always feel oddly homesick when I read blogs from Bangladesh.
You never forget your first distribution!
Looks like you've had a wonderful start to a well-organized distribution.

Stay well, stay safe.
Linda W

Anonymous said...

Hello Mike, George, and Team Bangladesh:
Have a GRRRRRRRRRREAT time hading out 6,000 bedkits to smiling children. And, give hugs to the Rotary Team for all the wonderful work they are doing. You are all "KEEPING MURRAY'S DREAM ALIVE!"
Susan & Duncan Macgregor.

Anonymous said...

Hi team - I loooooove the colours of the girls' outfits. Thanks Rowly for making that change. Michael, Else and I had a 2011 team reunion last week to recall what a good time we had last year. Keep sending those reports and photos.

Sally Jo

Anonymous said...

Wishing you all the best on your distribution. Have fun with the kids, and please say hi to the Rotarians from me. Safe travels.
Judy Dryden

Anonymous said...

Finally a Team of your own. Congratulations.
Hoping you and the Team have a wonderful SCAW experience. Looking forward to reading your reports.
All return, safely.
Tom Belton

Doug MacDougald said...

Bangaldesh Team,
Jessore brings back so many memories and especially fitting that this is Remembrance Day (my Dad flew for the RCAF out of Jessore in WWII and the 2011 team did the first Bangladesh distribution here two years ago). I still get emotional with the honour bestowed at that time of "son of the soil". THANK YOU Rotarians for organizing a repeat distribution to Jessore and THANK YOU Dad for the sacrifices you and your generation made and that we remember always but especially on this day!!
p.s. I concur with Sally Jo, the dresses look great!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Team,
Thanks for the updates and wonderful pictures. So glad to hear that you are pleased with the way the distribution is going. I have many fond memories of my trips to Bangladesh.....the children, the culture and the Rotarians.
Please give my thanks to all.
Have a good one tomorrow!


Theresa Carravetta said...

LOVE the pictures. Their outfits are so colorful and their smiles so bright. Thanks for sharing but mostly thanks for caring.

Theresa Carravetta - Honduras 2012

Katie Foster said...

Hi Dad (Mike),

Hope you and the team are enjoying your experience in Bangladesh. Love the pictures! Have a great distribution and stay safe. Say Hi to Uncle George for us as well! Talk soon :)

Lots of Love,
Katie & Ben xo

Anonymous said...

Hi Team Bangladesh,
I've loved seeing your updates - and today's photos are just great! Thanks for sharing and for doing all this work for the children.
Take care,
Debbie Dryden and family

Janice Gillespie said...

Hello Team Bangladesh!
Looks like you are having an amazing, and oh so helpful experience in Bangladesh. I can't imagine a distribution of 1200 in one day! The most I've helped with is 800. How great to see the young girls in lovely dresses. Enjoy your remaining time there. Safe travels!
Janice Gillespie

Anonymous said...

Greetings Bangladesh team

What are your rates, Mike, for a rickshaw ride? Love the pictures and stories! The many sights of Bangladesh bring back such great memories of my time there.
Best wishes to all
Laura Harper

Doug MacDougald said...

Hi Bangladesh Team,
Six thousand children with some comfort; well done!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Great Team
Beautiful pictures. Thank you for the updates. I am with you in spirit. Keep up the good work! A big thank you to the donors.

Elizabeth [Zimbabwe]

Linda and Ron Roswell said...

Hi Mike George and Team....Fabulous distribution. thanks for what you do . Safe travel home...

Patti Foster said...

Dear Michael, George and Team Bangladesh 2012,
Congratulations on another successful distribution. Wishing you a safe trip home. Thank you for your good work.

Ms. Foster said...

Hi Dad (George) and Uncle Mike and the rest of Team Bangladesh! Sounds like you had a very successful distribution and glad you have some time to rest. Love the pictures, especially of the children. Mom and I both tried to leave on a comments earlier using phone and ipad but they did not go through.
Dad, be excited for a fun game on Sunday since the home team is in the Grey Cup!
Miss you!
Love Janice and Carol

Tom Belton said...

Mike and Team; Enjoyed your Bogs and the pictures. Look like you have done a wonderful job. Congratulations. say hello to Patsy for me too.

Best Wishes
Tom Belton

Anonymous said...

Best Wishes