Monday, 22 October 2012

Honduras: Post your comments here

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JOD said...

Hey TC:Great article on the groups 1ST day,it seems that your sunny disposition has returned.
lots of smiles for sure

Linda Webb said...

Hola Team Honduras,

What a great start to the distribution! Love the blog and photos.

Best to you and all our Rotary friends.
Stay well.
Linda W.

Anonymous said...

Hello Irene and Team,
Thanks for your update! I'll look forward to reading all about your distribution. Sounds like it was a wonderful day!
All the best from Canada,
Debbie Dryden

Anonymous said...

Hola Team Honduras:
You are indeed keeping Murray's Dream Alive!
GRRRRRRRRRRRREAT article on our Rotarian Partners.
Enjoy your time with the children and travel safely.
Susan and Duncan Macgregor.

Nancy Loveless said...

Fantastic pictures and blogs. Look forward to following you on your journey. Many children in Honduras will be sleeping well tonight.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Honduras 2012

Thanks for the great blogs and pictures.
Keep well and safe.
Laura Harper

Annette Arnold said...

Hello Team Honduras!
Thank you for your great reports and for taking us along!
Bless you all...and those beautiful children!
Be safe!

Janice Gillespie said...

Looks like you are having a great distribution. Thanks for the great photos and informative blogs. Keep on loving all those children!

Anonymous said...

Reading these reports just makes me so much happier that I am a supporter of SCAW; and, I tell all my friends and those I meet about this wonderful organization.