Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Tanzania: Another Day in Paradise!!

Another day in paradise!  The skies were blue and the temperatures were warm.  Does it get better than this?

Today's distribution of 785 bedkits was at Kibamba Elementary School outside of Dar.  The traffic was much better -- hence the travel time was much better -- than what we experienced on the earlier distributions which makes a big difference when every seat is filled in the van!  The school was built on a hillside so setup on level ground was a problem but not insurmountable.  When I wandered to the back school it was clear that soccer wasn't the game of choice at recess!

As usual the children, moms and dads were elated to see us.  They listened attentively to the introductions and applauded in their own inimitable fashion to our distribution.  The children were well behaved and smiled at the drop of a hat with little or no encouragement.  It was a pleasure to see happy faces! 

There were two other things that struck me.  First was the number of "thanks you's" I heard in dispensing bedkits and mattresses.  When I inquired of a few children it appears that English is taught -- which it was at previous schools -- but also emphasized especially in circumstances as this.  Maybe it was rehearsed but it was nice to see the children taking risks with my language and encouraged me to continue taking risks with theirs!  Second was the friendships and camaraderie afforded the disabled children.  Their friends were excellent at guiding them through the process at the pace required of the disability.  I hope that sense of friendship continues with them forever!

Despite the fact that the clouds were white and fluffy, being of the cumulus kind, there were a couple of very short cloudbursts.  Not only did they not disturb the enthusiasm, they provided a welcome respite from the heat of the day.  With the slope of the hill, there weren't many trees and hence no shade.  

The day was wonderful, the children were wonderful and the impact of our efforts were noticeable.  Another beautiful day in paradise!

Lyle McLean for Team Tanzania 2017
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