Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Tanzania: Day 3 of Distributions!!

Our third day of distribution went very well at the school in Chanzige.  We had some extra helpers today, as Benjamin's family has joined us from the UK. Although we had a small rain interruption, we successfully distributed 785 bedkits.

On our way back to our home base, we visited the factory where all of the bedkit mattresses are made. We were able to see how the foam is made, and some of the chemicals are from Quebec, Canada. The foam is then cut and covered with brightly coloured fabric and wrapped in plastic to protect it.

Mr. Davesh Dave and Mr. Dipak Desai were very gracious hosts. They have been supplying the mattresses for 16 of the 17 years SCAW has been distributing bedkits in Tanzania. They also donate the transportation of the mattresses to each distribution site and provide 50 extra mattresses for Mama Wandoa to distribute during the year. We were pleased to share with the representatives from Unoplast that SCAW had purchased a bedkit in memory of Mr. Paresh, a wonderful man who will be greatly missed.

And on a personal note, this distribution is extra special for me this year, as my daughter Lyndsay is on the team.

By Helen Scutt forTeam Tanzania 2017
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