Monday, 26 February 2018

Belgaum: Hubli

Today was the 9th day of our distribution in India. The morning was spent meeting 400 children in Hubli.

Hubli is a new area of India for us. It is a larger district than Belgium, and certainly has its own distinct culture. That being said, children are children wherever we go, and each one of them met us with laughter, smiling faces, and open hearts.

Fortunately, before moving onto the second part of our day, we had the privilege of witnessing a blessing ceremony in a 11th century Hindu temple. The architecture of the temple was remarkable - the structure of the building was made primarily from mud. It has stood for more than ten centuries!

The grace of the temple was matched only by the grace of our young tour guides. These young ladies study engineering in a nearby University and represent the bright direction of India as it moves further into the 21st century.

The afternoon clearly demonstrated the efficiency and enthusiasm of the local Rotary club in Kungol. 300 children received bedkits in one of the most smoothly orchestrated distributions to date. Thankfully, the children were not required to sit in the heat and the sun for very long before receiving their their kits! Consistent with the previous distributions, the parents and children were most appreciative of the school supplies, backpack and floor mat.

Family enthusiasm and commitment to education has been apparent and consistent throughout this entire trip. It speaks to the direction in future of this remarkable nature at its people.

As this distribution is winding down to its last couple of days, members are beginning to reflect upon this country, it’s beautiful people, and each other. It certainly has been a life-changing experience for the recipients of the bedkits, but also an equally remarkable journey and privilege for each of the team members.

Team Belgaum 2018
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