Saturday, 17 February 2018

Belgaum: Our First Blog!

Today was the start of our distribution. We began at 7:30 with a three hour drive to Athani to give out 400 bedkits. We drove through primarily rural areas that traditionally grow sugar cane but are now also growing grapes. We shared the road with heavily loaded wagons of sugar cane, oxen carts, motor bikes, trucks, buses, bicycles and children walking to school.

When we arrived we were warmly welcomed by the Athani Rotarians, parents and the locals. There was a slight delay as adjustments were made to the layout.

The children were provided breakfast before gathering in the balcony. The team members enjoyed the enthusiast greetings from the kids.

Children came in all sizes, some so small that the bedkit bag was bigger than them.

Some of the children had help from a parent to navigate the process.

Today was the first distribution for Neil and Jeff who had the honour of handing out the bedkits.

Team Belgaum 2018
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