Monday, 26 February 2018

Belgaum: Sirsi

Our day began before sunrise as we travelled to Akshaya Patra and discover the source of the 150,000 mid day meals for the school children of this region.

Everyday the menu changes but rice seems to be part of all.
The process is so very well thought out.

Filling the last containers which will be loaded on their 54 trucks to go to local schools 6 days a week.

Amazing organization that now feeds 8 million children daily from their 36 kitchens.

On our travels we have seen a number of their trucks out on delivery.

On our drive from Hubli to Sirsi we often had to stop for monkeys, cows and some chickens

The girls look lovely in their new dresses with flowers in their hair

Waiting anxiously

The Sirsi Rotary team, as well as three members of the SCAW trust in Belgaum and the team after 395 bed kits were delivered.

Team Belgaum 2018
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