Thursday, 24 May 2018

Uganda: Lugasa

Our fourth day of distribution started with a three hour bus ride North East to Lugasa in Kayunga District. We were certainly rewarded by 585 smiling and brightly beaming faces along with all their parents clapping and throat singing as we entered the school yard. Our Inner Wheel group and local volunteers had already unloaded our delivery truck and arranged the bedkits in the front school yard and the children were lined up to change into their new outfits. We received numerous welcomes, thank-yous and bless yous, while waving to and shaking the hands of the many parents. A very moving experience for this first time volunteer.

The children were then changed into their new clothes which was met with a boisterous applause from everyone, upon their return to the school yard. Our SCAW group assembled our camera position and along with the Inner Wheel organized the process for the day. While the children were organized under shade we entertained the children with well-known children’s songs to have them clap, stomp and shout "Hurray" and mimic our actions. The children then provided their own versions with joyous voices, dancing and clapping hands much to our pleasure so much, we joined in.

Our Team Leader, Lois Wey then started with our discussion with the children, introducing SCAW from Canada and providing details for this event. We then individually showcased the specific products included in the bedkits which everyone was going to receive today. A thunderous round of applause was heard after every item was shown. Lois reminded the children to "STAY In SCHOOL”. We then proceeded to meet with the parents continuing with another resounding applause as we introduced the gifts. 

The day was getting hot as we started pictures and the children performed with upmost patience and politeness during the long sequence to complete all group pictures and the final 100 single pictures completing the day around 2:30 pm. During the event one member of our group completed six interviews with parents receiving bedkits that day. When every bedkit had been delivered we were totally relieved and satisfied that our efforts had again been rewarded, knowing everyone had gone home with something to improve their quality of life.

We quickly picked up our equipment and headed to our bus for the ride home.  A very joyful but tired group.

By Bill Helmer
Team Uganda 2018
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