Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Uganda: Possibilities

While we did not have many miles to travel today our bus did have to fight its way up a very slippery mud road in the rain. We were concerned about our bedkit delivery truck but we were delighted to see the truck there and unpacked as we arrived. It must have been all the Inner Wheel women singing on the bus that got us there on time. 

After the children were changed into their new clothes we were ready to begin. All went well as the rain passed before we started and in fact it became a hot and humid day. We tried to keep the children in the shade as much as possible as the Uganda sun was hot. At the end of the day 583 children received their gift to help them have safe and healthy sleep.

We were fortunate enough to have a meeting with a local General Practitioner to hear more about local health issues. Dr Alex Gahanza spoke with us for over 1.5 hours. He highlighted the many health issues that are directly related to mosquitoes, poor nutrition and hygiene. These parents are facing multiple challenges including food, school fees and medical attention. He congratulated SCAW on assisting with helping to reduce systemic problems like malaria. With guidance the parents can properly help to protect their young ones.

Our team is working well together and with the Inner Wheel we are touching many lives for the better. We thank our donors for your continued support. 

Kerry Harman
Team Uganda 2018
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