Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Uganda: A Visit With A Past Recipient!

Today we handed out much needed 585 bedkits in a remote village in the Kayunga district. Our Inner Wheel ladies had arranged for us to stop and see a family that had received a bedkit 4 years ago. We entered the small dwelling and were shown the school writing on the wallboard as the 10 year old girl still attends the local school. She was glad to show us that she is still using the backpack she received as well as the sheet that is used as a covering for the doorway. Both of these items seemed to hold up very well. The house has only two rooms however seemed to be one of the few with a cement floor and brick walls.

This village is one of many that we journey to bringing the invaluable items that make living with very little just a bit more tolerable. Thank you to each donor for making a difference in the lives of many Uganda boys and girls.

Monika Sergeant
Team Uganda 2018
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