Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Pune: A Great First Day of Distributions!!

After a two hour drive we arrived at our first Pune distribution site where we were presented with traditional headdresses and welcomed and escorted to the stage by traditional music played by young ladies in traditional dress.

We sat on the stage for the formal start of the distribution, which included greetings from local officials and by our team leader, Chris Hills, while the young recipients eagerly watched and waited.

Close to one thousand  bedkits were distributed by SCAW members; the children received a large bag with handles with the bedkit items inside, plus a backpack filled with school items and a pair of shoes each.  The recipients also received eye examinations sponsored by our Rotary hosts. Each child was accompanied through the lines by a parent or other guardian, which made the handing over of the bedkit much easier for the children whose eyes literally popped open and they broke into a wide grin when they were able to grab the handles of the bag.

Team Pune 2018
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