Saturday, 1 December 2018

Pune: The Team Has Arrived!

The Sleeping Children Team Pune arrived in Pune at 4:00 am to be greeted by three enthusiastic members of the Rotary Club of Pune Cantonment's bedsit distribution team. At that time of day the streets were deserted making our trip to the hotel swift and uneventful. After checking in, the 20 plus hour journey took its toll, and the team all went to their rooms for a well deserved sleep.

Later on in the day we met with Pankag Apte and Sameer Rupani, members of our Overseas Partners Team, to discuss the upcoming distribution of 7,500 bedsits, and the arrangements for our involvement in the following days bedkit packing. 

The team picture shows:
Chris Hills (TL), Sameer Rupani, Andy Greiner, Kathy Greiner, Gail Hills, Diane Barrick, Judy Snobelen, Lita Fearon, Pankaj Apte 

Team Pune 2018
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