Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Kenya: Day of the "Singing Rainbow"

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Day 3

We arrived at Kayole Primary School to be welcomed by a wonderful, excited gathering of 800 children –- already dressed in their SCAW outfits of orange, green, yellow, blue, red -- and standing in class lines.

As we entered the school court this rainbow of children broke into cheers and waves, followed by songs sung by all.


The school has over 2,000 students, and all of them were excited by the day's events.

We met some children attending Kayole school who have AIDS but who were part of the classes and enjoying the experience just like all the others. We watched the boys playing soccer in a red clay field which resulted in some really dirty knees in some of our photos.

These deserving children live in the Kawangware slum. They come to school either by walking or “transport” which is the local bus service. Some are picked up at 6:00 am and stay at school til 5:30 pm each day. We were surprised to discover that these children are at school all day without a mid day meal.

A rewarding day and one that we will all remember as the day of the "Singing Rainbow."

Megan Johnson, first time SCAW volunteer
for the 2008 SCAW Kenya team.

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