Saturday, 14 June 2008

Kenya: Leave your comments here

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Janice Foster said...

Glad you all made it safe and sound! Happy Belated Father's Day, Dad. Looking forward to reaading the news of the trip.


Sally Jo Martin said...

Hi Team - I look forward to reading your blogs and hopefully seeing photos of those wonderful children.
I had lunch at the Macgregor's today so heard that you distributed 800 kits! That's really good work for your first day.
Cheers - Sally Jo Martin

sieg will said...

I hope you have a wonderful distribution in Kenya and I can hardly wait to here about distribution through your SCAW updates.


Pat Melmer said...

To George and all the team; we are so proud of your commitment to this organization and look forward to hearing about this experience. Stay safe.

George: osky wee wee!!!

Anonymous said...

Be safe and enjoy.

Alan - Hope you remembered to take your magic tricks with you. The kids sure loved them in Honduras.


Anonymous said...

with tears in my eyes i write this, today i silently watched as you made a difference in the lives of children in mathare valley, kenya. what you have done for these children cannot and will never be quantified with words.i followed some of the children home, so believe me i know. you have changed lives, including mine. thank you SCAW.

Mike Foster said...

Hi George and the Kenya Team: Glad to hear you made it safe and sound and that the distributions are going very well. Always look forward to reading and seeing the pictures of your days events. Have a wonderful time.

Sally Jo Martin said...

Hi Team - I am happy that you are able post messages so that we at home can keep informed.
The experience of being part of a SCAW distribution team is life changing both as a travelling volunteer and as a bedkit recipient. Of course the work of the overseas volunteers is essential too.
Hats off to you all - Sally Jo

Anonymous said...

Hi George & Team, Sounds like your distributions are going well. We are looking forward to your stories and pictures.

Anonymous said...

Hi Duncan,George,and Team Kenya,
It is so exciting to read your reports.I am smiling and crying as I read about 800 kids from Mathare What a sight!! Wish I was there working with you.Stay safe!
Judy Snobelen

Anonymous said...

Hi Janice,
This is my first try on a blog. Sure hope you get this message. It sounds like an amazing experience and we look forward to seeing your pictures. We hope you have a fab safari and birthday. We will celebrate when you return. Stay safe and enjoy.
Jan Fairweather

val greenfield said...

It is wonderful to read of your distribution in Kenya. You waited a long time for this! Duncan, it is a small world! I met your wife for the first time this afternoon while getting the red Ugandan dirt removed from my feet! Safe home.

ROAN said...

Hello Kenyan Team,

Fantastic job. Finish up safely and arrive back home safely. Just think how good your own bed will feel.

For the Children,

Joan and Richard Hryniw

Margaret Crossling said...

I have been reading your live reports with great interest, and know exactly how emotional it all is during the distributions. I was on the Kolkata team in January, where we gave out the same number of bedkits. Seeing all those young faces brings it all into focus, why we are there, and what we are doing.

You’ll have memories forever.

Very best wishes,

Margaret Crossling.

David said...

Hi Janice Gillespie (aka Mom),

I can't wait to have all these great pictures explained when you get home. You are coming home... right? I'm amazed how 1000 bedkits could be handed out in one day!

Meg and I will be waiting for you at the airport.