Friday, 30 January 2009

Chennai: Post Your Comments Here

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  1. Hi ! Chennai Team

    Happy to know that you arrived safely.
    A special hello to Tom Belton as I have great memories of our first meeting in Tanzania 2006.
    Enjoy children and continued success.
    My prayers will be with you all

    Kouma AED Togo

  2. Hello SCAW Team,

    We are delighted to know that you have arrived safely and are ready to begin the distributions. We will be cheering you on throughout your trip.

    Elaine, Graham and Duncan McDougall

    P.S. We love you Dad!

  3. Thinking of you all and wishing you a terrific trip!
    A special hello to Kristein and Mary Jo! I look forward to Kristein's beautiful photos and Mary Jo's insightful prose.

    Nancy Holt

  4. Hello to the Chennai Team! Glad to hear that you left snowy Toronto safely. I think you'll all be having 3 shower days, while in torrid Chennai. I wish you all success in the distributions. Smiles and laughs will be your reward from the children. Mary Jo, start the supper tradition from Kolkata!
    best wishes from Margaret,
    Kolkata '08

  5. Hi Chennai Team and Tom Belton, Glad to see you have arrived safe and sound and will be off onto your mission. We are having marvelously bad weather here in the Pittsburgh area and am looking forward to summer. Hope you will have a minute to enjoy the Super Bowl, everyone here is all excited of course because of our beloved Steelers.
    God Bless you all.
    Dan Bracey

  6. Hello Team and Tom Belton! Good to see you all arrived safely. All is going well here Tom and the other Tom is having things taken care of slowly. You be safe and we can not wait to hear from you again!
    Tom and Diane

  7. Hi Team Chennai....So glad you arrived safely....I'm sure you must all miss the snow!!! Look forward to your reports....and smile at the thoughts of all the happy children you will see. Go well and be well!
    Gail Duncan

  8. Hello SCAW Team

    Glad to hear you made it safe and sound! Enjoy the weather it is snowing again here. Take care Jeff. Looking forward to your reports.

    Patti Lilly

  9. Dear SCAW team

    Welcome again to chennai.

    Rtn.R. Sundararajan
    RC of Nanganallur

  10. Hi Tom and team,
    We are looking forward to reading about your adventures!
    Please send our warm regards to the Chennai Rotarian team; we have such fond memories of our trips to Chennai.
    Sieg and Debbie Will-Dryden

  11. Peter and Linda in Barrhaven31 January 2009 at 10:30


    glad to szee you arrived is minus 30 here this morning with the wind chill...the bus strike is over!!!!!...NO BUSSES ON ROAD TILL fEB 9TH

  12. Hi to the members of Team Chennai. Special "hello" to Mary Jo. It is good to know you have arrived safely, and ready to go! Enjoy your visit, and your time with the little people. Thinking of you....Katharine Team Kolkata '08

  13. Dear Chennai Team,

    We are glad to hear that the distributions have begun and that things are going well. We are wishing you well as you share hope and practical supplies with the children. Thanks for all your work! Thanks to the host groups (overseas volunteers) too!

    Cheering you on! Elaine, Graham and Duncan
    P.S. Dad- keep up the good work. Lots of love!

  14. Kelli and Justin31 January 2009 at 18:52


    I'm glad to see you all made it there safe and sound. I hope you have the most wonderful journey and experience all you can. I can't wait to see more photos and read more of the blogs!!

    P.S. Love you mom, can't wait to hear all about your journey! (kristein)

  15. Chennai Team '09

    Good to hear Thiru is still involved - I was with Kristein's grandmother on that first distribution. Regards to all and blessings!

    Laura Harper

  16. I already miss you mom i hope your having fun

  17. It gives immense plasure to know that you are
    meeting Rtn. Janarthanam who made it possible during 1981. Your help to the downtrodden is something great and our Rotary Club of Nanganallur in chennai thank your team for your meaningful service in this mechanical life.shall try to meet you in chennai.

    Rtn.R. Sundararajan

  18. Hello team and my great Dad, Tom.
    Glad you all made it safely and I hope you are having a great time as you make many kids very happy. Take care of your feet Dad.
    Lots of Love,
    Shawny and Bruce XOXOX

  19. Way to Go, Tom and Chennai Team 2009!! Sounds like you are off to a great start with your Avadi Distribution. You are in our prayers for a super successful time bringing relief to impoverished families and their children, and for a wonderful experience with the Rotarians of India's fascinating culture. Fellow Traveller in spirit from 2008 -- Gray Cavanagh

  20. To Kathy and Andy in Chennai Team 2009, Thanks for the Blog info. The Internet does really make it a "small world"! Now that the replacement for my dead laptop has arrived, I look forward to tracking your progress through India. What a wonderful service project idea! Wishing you a great experience as you help others. cz

  21. Happy belated b-day grand-mopsy!!!

  22. Kathy - our Mumbai Team has noted that it was your birthday on the day of you writing your Blog. Many Happy Returns from all of us here!

  23. Hello to Andy and Kathy and everyone,
    Sounds like all is going well. The girls are enjoying reading the updates and can now consistantly locate India on the globe!!! Have a great trip!! See you soon,
    Rebecca, Tony, Caroline, Susanna, and Mary Kate Greiner

  24. Glad to hear everything is going so well with the distribution. We are enjoying reading the update. Take care Jeff. Thinking of You

  25. Hello Team. Greetings from London Ontario Canada and lots of snow. We are following your progress. It takes us back to our trip to help build a school in St. Vincent 13 years ago. We are so proud of all of you and will pray for continued success. Hugs Dean, Barb and the boys (Lisa's neighbours :) )

  26. Hi Kristein,
    You look like you are having a great time, Jen is standing over me and we are jealous. We miss you and look forward to your storys and pictures when you get home. I love the picture with all the kids standing with there bed kits, the colors are wonderful.
    Take Care

  27. Hi Tom and Chennai Team - following your travels and distributions with great interest. Hope it all goes exactly according to plan (in India, am I nuts?). You are doing a wonderful service.

    Bill and Elizabeth Baker
    North Vancouver BC

  28. Hello Kathy and Andy and Team Chennai - Hope your travels are going smoothly. We are following your trip on our map - tricky to find some of the cities. Glad to see it's hotter there than here in Louisiana!
    Love, Hammie, Alec, Cedric, Megan and Jerome

  29. Hi Tom and team! Congratulations on a great job - looking forward to hearing the details later.
    Glen and Vicki

  30. From the Heather of Scotland
    To the Shamrock of Ireland
    Wishing you Tom and your Chennai Team HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! God bless you all, and "Top of the Morning to You"!!

  31. Hi mom,

    Hope everything is going great! I miss you heaps!! Happy valentines day, i'll be thinking of you.
    PS you look amazing in your saree that your wearing!!! Beauty! Love you lots!
    - Kelli <3

  32. anil goel rc port blair13 February 2009 at 12:50

    Today morning rc ambatur has given a oppertunity to attache with this project at port blair as rc port blair
    We have distributed 536 kits to needy children at
    Port blair & tomorow going to distribute another 200 at havelock
    Thanks to the parent organisation &rc anbatur

  33. Hello Kathy and Andy from your Carlisle, PA, friends. Bring home photos - we will look at them on the deck this summer - with a glass of wine.

    Susan And Bob

  34. I will try again to post this comment but on two occasions all failed.
    Congratulations one and all for a job well done. I was so sorry not to be part of the team this year but maybe next year I will get a chance??? What a thrill to be part of the Murray Dryden celebration - it must have been very moving. What an amazing man of vision!!!
    Look forward to hearing about it firsthand before our departure on March 2. Lots of love and heartiest congrats Tom
    Maj and Sholly joined by Alphie and Zoe
    Anonymous Lizzie Cole

  35. Hello Tom Belton and Chennai Team.
    Thanks for including me in your pre-trip email.
    I've been looking through the website and pictures and you're doing great and interesting work.
    Have a safe trip;call me when you're back.
    Jon Gravell

  36. Red and Maxine2 March 2009 at 19:08

    Looking good Tom. Keep up the good work! We're keeping Aunt Liffus up to speed on your whereabouts and good deeds. All our best