Saturday, 24 January 2009

Kolkata: Blog #3

From Kolkata 2009 Photo Album
The Journey Continues ...

We have finished up our 3-day road trip and have seen so much Indian culture throughout our time here. In Contai, the Rotary members enthusiastically sang their national anthem, and we responded with a wonderful rendition of O Canada. We had quite a touching moment when one little boy came late with his mother because he had just come from the hospital. After receiving his bedkit, he showed us each a sign of respect and appreciation when he knelt down and touched each of our feet. We were overwhelmed by this gesture of gratitude.

We continued to see wonderful glimpses of Indian culture at unexpected times. At Tata, some of the girls were moved inside, during a very hot day in order to keep them out of the sun. While inside, these girls entertained each other by performing local and tribal dances. The energy in the room was amazing, the dancing was beautiful, and their spontaneity was delightful.

We were introduced to the melodious sounds of the harmonium and the robust singing of a young student. He had a beautiful voice and his song showed yet another side of Indian culture. Throw in a bit of history at the Ghandi Museum at Barrackpore and it has been another interesting, successful, and educating day.

Team Kolkata 2009

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