Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Kolkata: Blog #1

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The Journey Begins ...

After a flight of 24 hours the pilot announced that we would land in Kolkata in 20 minutes. Excitement and joy overcame us. To our dismay, we continued flying and after an hour or so we were informed that we could not land in Kolkata due to heavy fog.

Our first sights, sounds, and smells of India were in Hyderabad, 12,000 km away. We arrived in Kolkata 36 hours later after a resting sojourn in Hyderabad.

From the Kolkata Airport, after a warm reception from the Dum Dum Rotary Club, we travelled to our first distribution at a Methodist Church School. We were greeted by warm, smiling, and very patient children.

After the distribution, the principal toured our team through his school and we enjoyed the Rotarian's warm hospitality with fruit and cake. We then made our way to the our lodgings to settle in at our home away from home.

Team Kolkata 2009

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