Thursday, 30 August 2018

Honduras: 6000 Children Sleeping Better Tonight!

6000 more children in Honduras are sleeping in their new bedkits, thanks to all our supporters who believe in our dream that every child deserves a good night's sleep! Our last few days of distribution were a joyful whirlwind of work and social time- how could our 16 days in Honduras go so quickly?! Each day we were greeted in the hotel by our amazing Rotaracts,starting our day with warm hugs and playful chatter. We'd hop in our van and travel through beautiful countryside to be greeted in the schools by excited children. A flurry of activity before the rhythm of the distribution kicks in - backpacks set, children registered and looking smart in their new t-shirts, photo taken, bedkits given- hugs, smiles, high fives all around... another great day on the job! Delicious lunches prepared for us each day by the wives of the Rotarians, served to a room packed full of happy volunteers, all who helped out through the distribution of the bedkits. Our evenings were more laughter and conversation whether at our hotel, the Rotary meetings, or the homes of the Rotarians.  Conversations about the children, their lives, their sleep, all of us dreaming big on how we could help these children; all of us committed to our work with Sleeping Children Around the World.

Our last distribution was a particularly fun day as we celebrated "Sleep Day"! This year our Rotaracts outdid themselves with their pyjamas, onesies, funky sleep caps, and as always, their boundless enthusiasm.  We will miss them, and all of our Rotary partners, when we return back to Canada.  It's been a wonderful trip, a rewarding adventure and, as always, 100% for the children!

Team Honduras 2018
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