Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Honduras: Distribution 7…. 1st Of The Second Half ☺

Today, we distributed another 500 bedkits to very needy kids from the countryside of Tegucigalpa. We also did our first interview about the environment of where and how the children sleep by visiting with two lovely girls who had just received their gift from our donors. We went to the first house, not without its challenges… The road isn’t made for cars in that area… and, even walking up to the house was a slow process, making sure everyone would get there without falling or coming face to face with the many dogs of the area… 

The house was occupied by the grandmother, mother, two niñas (girls) and their uncle. They have one bedroom for Grandma and the uncle, and the other room is for the three others, all occupying one bed. The metal roof would get noisy when raining and very warm when the sun is high… but, luckily this area is windy and the night gets cool so they get some rest in this calm place. 

The second house was more crowded… in one of the bedroom, slept two small children with their parents, in the other bedroom the mother is sleeping with her two daughters and her two others son sleep in the main room. The entire place was cluttered and very small for all those people. The mattress would actually allow them to use the cot with more comfort and the youngest will be protected under the mosquito net with their mother. What touch me the most was even though they have so little, they would share with their sibling.

We also visited the warehouse where the bedkits are assembled and stored. It was really impressive to see the pile of bedkits that are waiting to be given, which means more work is awaiting us in the next few days!

Team Honduras 2018
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