Friday, 17 August 2018

Honduras: A Challenging, But Successful Distribution!

Today was our most challenging distribution so far… Getting to the site was supposed to be 20 minutes… it actually took us over an hour. Traffic and construction were the cause of it. Once at the school, the configuration was also challenging as the buildings were on multiple levels of hills. Greatly, with the help of everyone on site, we relocated the bedkits by doing a fireman chain. We then had the chance to welcome the kids very safely and efficiently. It is still amazing to see the beautiful smile we get as the kids see what they are receiving and our hearts are warm knowing that another 500 young lovely kids will sleep better. We have been lucky today also to get the most grateful hugs from the children and the community. 

On our way back, we had a quick stop at the market to buy some snacks to satisfy the cravings of the team. After some rest, we had a dinner with the Rotary club at their weekly meeting. Another busy and positive day is ending.

Genevieve Milot for Team Honduras 2018
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