Friday, 13 April 2018

Philippines: 7000 Bedkits Delivered!

The last day of the distribution and our team is a little on the quiet side. We’re already missing the happy, shy, very well behaved children. We’ve all been touched by getting to know some of the people and seeing where they live. This has been a real eye opener to understanding extreme poverty. We’ve been treated like royalty. Children touching their forehead with our hand “Thank you Po!” Interviewing mothers who try to stretch $3.00/day for feed five people. Meeting very caring, hard working teachers and principals, and enjoying the kidding around, dedication and organization of the Philippine SCAW team and all of their volunteers. These people desperately want SCAW to return. We want everyone receiving a picture of a child and their bedkit to realize that this has made a huge difference in this child’s life! 


7000 Bedkits!

Cheers from all of us here in The Philppines!! 
Pamela Horricks
Team Philippines 2018
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