Sunday, 8 April 2018

Philippines: A Day of Thanks You For This Wonderful Gift!

Another day, another 1000 bedkits, another 1000 happy children who will have a good night’s sleep. Our fifth day of distributions was completed successfully thanks to the amazing work of our overseas partners, SCAW Philippines, and the local Kiwanis volunteers. We even managed to organize 100 children into one photo which was quite an organizational feat. In the afternoon we had the opportunity to speak with 10 young moms with babies to learn about their experiences and challenges. After a day like this the SCAW team was also ready for a good night’s sleep. Written by 

This young man is Janley (7 years old). He is saying: 
"Thank you very much to his donor [for his bedkit he received today]."

This is Galle and her Mom. Galle is seven and received a bedkit today. Her Mom would like to say: "Thank you very much for what you have given us. It is going to be extremely helpful to our family."

Jan Gayman 
Team Philippines 2018
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