Saturday, 14 April 2018

Togo: Rain Brings Unexpected Joy!

It has taken the team some time to get used to the variable weather in Togo. We had a violent thunderstorm during the second evening that we were here. It knocked out the power in Lome, and toppled large trees in the southern part of the country where we were doing our distributions. Thank goodness, none of the trees blocked the roads that we were taking. 

The rain did play havoc with the distribution on Day 2, in that our OVPs had to bring up a second shipment of clothes for the children to wear during the distribution, since the original sets were wet from the driving rain that seeped into the storage area. The delay in the distribution allowed our team to entertain the children using the Harmonica that Stuart and Ian Culbertson brought along. Our OVPs also sang songs and did dances with the children, which were enjoyed by all present. 

The SCAW travelling team is thoroughly enjoying the interaction with the Togolese children. They were thrilled when they were shown what they would be receiving in the bedkit. The 500 children who were waiting to change into their new SCAW clothes cheered and screamed with excitement when each item was shown to them, especially once they know for certain that this was their gift from the SCAW donors. What a heart-warming memory for members of our team. 

For the Children,
Team Togo 2018
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