Sunday, 15 April 2018

Togo: Our Day Off!

With the first 3,000 bedkits lovingly given to each deserving child who had been selected in the remote villages of southern Togo, the team took a much needed break. 

We went down to the ocean this morning and walked the beach for an hour. It was noticed that there were very few of the locals on the beautiful, white sand beach. The water is very warm, and even without large waves being present, there is still lots of power behind each wave, some going a long distance up the beach. 

There is the Conference of the First Ministers of West Africa here in the city this weekend. As such, many fo the streets in the city center near the parliament buildings are closed. Our driver managed to drive via a circuitous route to la Place d'Independence today for us to take some pictures. We were the only 'non-official vehicle' in that area and no one said anything to us. 

In the afternoon, Stuart and Ian Culbertson went to a local soccer match with Bill the Cook. It was quite the interesting time for them and they had many stories to tell and the passion that the Togolese have for their 'football'. It similar to the passion that the average Canadian has for hockey.  

Team Togo 2018
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