Thursday, 12 April 2018

Philippines: Our Almost Last Day!

Left our lovely hotel where all the people on the front desk came outside before we departed to line up and say thoughtful.

The first site we arrived at in the morning appeared totally we have the right place??? Seems we were at the wrong side of the building but things were happening out back!! Our volunteers and some SCAW team members had an impromptu dance fest which drew huge smiles from all the onlookers! Great fun. After the distribution we were taken to an outdoor holiday house owned by one of the  Filipino volunteers and fed a wonderful lunch.

Our second site in the afternoon was in a beautiful church, large, bright and airy. Luckily we had the perfect set up inside because the heavens opened up and it POURED! The distribution carried on flawlessly with no diversions. We sure have been lucky but then our team all work well together so there wouldn't be too much that we can't work around. Our days are numbered now as we approach the last double distribution tomorrow of a 1000 kits.


'The best view comes after the hardest climb'

Sharon Andrews
Team Philippines 2018
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