Friday, 13 April 2018

Togo: The Value of Flip Flops

It is our first distribution day in Kpalme some 100km north east of Lome. My job today was handing out 500 backpacks containing school supplies, mosquito nets and sundry clothing items to the children. Included in the backpacks are a simple pair of flip flop sandals. As most of the time I was hunched over, eyes fixed downwards to place the back packs upon the happy recipients, I was afforded a wonderful vantage point to observe what these flip flops would be replacing. In some cases worn out sandals. In others, mismatched shoes - in one case two mismatched left shoes and no rights. In some cases, oversized sandals; in others cramped undersized ones. In several cases, children had no shoes at all. One child's worn out sandals finally flipped their last flop and actually gave out at the photo shoot. Happily, a few minutes later, she had a new pair when she received her back pack. At the end of our day at the site, I encountered a young girl going through her backpack and clutching with glee a new bright pink pair of flip flops as if it were Christmas morning and she had just received what she had always wished for - Simple Flip Flops. Just a very small part of what our donors contribute to our recipients. And, as is often discovered,  something that we take more than for granted at home is something that is much cherished here - and very much needed as well.

Stuart for Team Togo 2018
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