Sunday, 21 January 2018

Chennai 2018: Post Your Comments Here:

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  1. Hi Team Chennai:
    Glad you arrived safely.
    After a very long trip, take time to get your sea legs!
    Have a GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT distribution and give hugs to Ravi and Alban.
    Enjoy your SCAW adventure.
    You are keeping Murray's Dream Alive!
    God bless,
    Susan & Duncan Macgregor.

  2. By the looks of your arrival picture, your Greeting from the R/C of Ambattur is just the first of many "wonderful hospitalities" you will be receiving. Have a great time. Please remember me to Alban, Ravi, "Mr Bellie" and all. Respectfully Tom Belton

    1. Tom - we visited the temple that you cherished yesterday. It is really quite something. Ravi spoke very highly of you! Theresa

  3. Wait a minute! Are you supposed to having fun?
    Of course and Teresa and Kay are just the gals to lead the way to fun.
    Enjoy all that this distribution adds to your memories.
    Sally Jo - Chennai team 2014

  4. Theresa; Thanks so much for taking the time to send me this. It is so appreciated. Your Indian hosts are all just wonderful and generous people that I am proud to call friends. Ask who Mr. Bellie is! He's such a jolly fellow and also a dear friend.

  5. Great gesture...marvellous service to the community. Rtn. R.sundararajan. Rotary club of Nanganallur