Sunday, 14 January 2018

Pune 2018: Post Your Comments Here:

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  1. Hi team Pune - Best regards to all the Rotarians who take such care in choosing the recipients and deciding on the needed bedkit items.
    Regards to Dilip from Sally Jo, team 2005.

  2. HI Team Pune:
    Savour another SCAW Adventure.
    You are indeed keeping Murray's Dream Alive!
    Enjoy your time with a GRRRREAT group of Rotarians.
    And, hug lots of wonderful children.
    Susan & Duncan Macgregor.

  3. Way to go Team Pune. Team Chennai is right behind you! I love sharing in your colourful journey!

  4. You are making me so excited to be part of neaxt year’s team. Keep up the great work!

  5. hi Team Pune! I love all your pictures, and especially the one with the Moms and the kids after they had received those bedkits. No idea how you could get them all together like that, but it was really special. Thanks! mary-jo lang